2020 Fat Bear Week Charity Drive

Every year, Katmai National Park & Preserve hosts Fat Bear Week, a single-elimination bracket event to determine which bear in the park packed on the most pounds preparing for winter. It’s a fun event to get involved with and vote on.

I got together with some artist friends, and we decided to get a seat at the fat bear table. We’ve come up with our own bears, and starting Wednesday, September 30, you can feed them by donating money through this link. Include a note saying which Bear you want to feed!

Every dollar you donate feeds the bears more, and I want to see them fat and happy for the winter! On Tuesday, March 6, we’ll announce the charity results and present our bears at the size you’ve fed them to!

Funds will go to the Georgia Mountain Food Bank. You can donate directly here.

Hugo models and enjoys swimming, sushi, and big hugs, and no, those weren’t skinny jeans when he bought them! Art by me!

Hugo is a black bear wearing brown slacks. He is leaning against a pillar with a poster that reads

Duke is a drummer from Nashville soaking up the last of beach weather before things get cold. He’s friendly, easygoing and always up for trying new recipes. Art by Ray BossFrogg!

Bruno lets his mouth do the talking for him—he’s hungry to win, even if he has to get up off the couch! Art by Toner Husk!

I’ll add art to this post as other contestants make themselves known! Thanks in advance, and sit! Stay! Speak!